Tuesday, July 10, 2007


DYWC 801 - AM


Dumaguete City

DYWC-AM, founded by the Order of the Franciscans in Guihulngan, Negros Oriental in 1965, champions the voice of the Catholic Church in the Visayas. A powerful sound in its broadcast area, it is heard not for its power but for its message.

For two decades and seven years DYWC withstood the vicissitudes of time: political upheavals, economic and financial crises, administrative drawbacks, etc. In 1972 and the two years following in the imposition of martial law, DYWC was silenced by the old regime for being too radical in its agenda for political reform. For the people of DYWC only the truth will make the country free.

DYWC was formally put back on the air in 1978, and in 1989 the station moved its broadcast outfit to Sibulan, Negros Oriental, under the management of the Diocese of Dumaguete through Bishop Epifanio B. Surban. Maintaining its original mission as the voice of the Catholic Church, DYWC came closer to the expanding communities in Dumaguete City, the home of radio broadcasting in Negros Oriental. More than ever, DYWC could broadcast well and respond better to the needs of its grassroots audience.

Management, programming and equipment are the three major areas of operation that DYWC has to contend with. MANAGEMENT takes to its heart the people who are the station's broadcast life. People alive means a living voice in the airlanes.

PROGRAMMING means walking down the streets, the byroads and alleys of the very people it would want to reach. Programming is zeroing in on a specific target audience, the general mass of those who are less heard. Its programs are decided in the streets, in the docks, in the sari-sari store and where the bulk of people who are the major stakeholders of DYWC's broadcasting service. For which reason programmers, reporters and talents are taken among this class of listeners. They speak the language, express the images and symbols, capture the ways and behavior, or call it the ethnicity of its serviced constituents.

EQUIPMENT and FACILITIES are critically chosen on the basis of their long term serviceability. Equipment that satisfactorily deliver the message and equally resonate good sound is the order of priority. Maximizing on the station's old and very limited equipment, DYWC puts more emphasis on its personnel and broadcast materials over the state of the art broadcast facilities.

News, public affairs, information, public service and entertainment are the station's identity. Religious slots of varied treatment are not wanting. The mission of catchetics and evangelization, revival of moral values and church teachings are interwoven in every program of the day. Community education and formation for social transformation is the authentic presence of DYWC. Christian tenets are taken as its primodial principles underlying all its broadcast blocks. DYWC is the voice that knows no fear for what is right … the voice that quiets the audacity of those who know only evil.

DYWC is operating at 801 kHz on 5 kilowatts. It is heard not only in Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental but also in Siquijor, Western Cebu, Western Leyte and Samar, and in Northern Mindanao. In Negros Oriental DYWC is the name in broadcasting. It is not being heard. It is listened to! Only in DYWC is where the audience listens because they are the ones talking. The audience not only recognize their voice. They own it. And this voice has a mission. They know what. True to its name, "DYWC, Ang Radyo sa Barangay", anchors its boradcast roots on the very core where true transformation should begin. WC--WORLD for CHRIST.